Un mal día

Música: 'Abrazando a la tristeza' de Extrechinato y tú.

English translation:

"Seven o'clock in the morning, the alarm clock sounds. Damn alarm clock! Elvira gets up and look her face in the mirror, but she cannot see it anymore. She cannot watch herself and she doesn't want to continue the day. Her stomach is closed. It looks like her body knows what it's going to happen. Just she can take two sips of the coffee.

She has a shower, but she cannot awake. She couldn't resist before. Some people talked about green shots in the economy, other ones talked about the need of reforms. Finally, no one of them tried to defend Elvira.

Elvira feels unfortunate. She dresses in black and starts her usual route. Elvira buys the newspaper and listens the radio in the mp3. She wants to forget, but she cannot.

Elvira is going to do something terrible. She is going to talk with her employers; some of them have been working with her the last 15 years. She has to tell them that she has to close her studio. There are not more resources, there's no more hope."